Our capitals


The value of a business is the present value of the future cash flows that can be generated by the assets and other capitals utilised by the business.

The capitals that generate these cash flows include physical assets such as property, plant and equipment and employees as well as intangible capitals such as licences, brands, trademarks, technology and systems, supported by adequate financial capital to pursue growth opportunities and underpinned by quality relationships with key stakeholders. Execution of a robust strategy informed by and responding to material risks and opportunities will lead to optimal utilisation of capitals and generation of cash flows and ultimately value.

We have identified our most important capitals below and our strategy in action section provides more insight into our performance and outlook as well as how our capitals are deployed in our strategy and business model to generate and sustain value in the long term.

      Utilisation of the capitals     Reference  
      Our ability to generate cash flows as well as access to well-priced debt and equity funding determines our ability to fund organic and inorganic growth.     CFO's review

Financial strength and durability

      Quality relationships with our key stakeholders is vital to the long-term sustainability of Tsogo Sun. Popular misconceptions about the gaming industry within which Tsogo Sun operates can significantly impact the group's reputation and value generation ability. Building trust and credibility with our key stakeholders is key to retaining our social and regulatory licence to operate.     Our key relationships

Deliver to our beneficiaries

Regulatory compliance

      Significant focus is placed on the quality of the facilities and experiences offered at each of Tsogo Sun's sites. To remain relevant a variety of quality experiences must be provided at appropriate price points across all market segments. Our integrated gaming and entertainment complexes are primarily located in urban areas and our hotels have a wide geographic distribution which are key to the group's competitive advantage. Significant spend is continuously invested into developing and maintaining our properties to keep them relevant and fresh.     Gaming and hotel footprints

Product relevance to customer experience

Organic and inorganic growth

      Our Tsogo Sun “sunburst” brand underpins the quality experiences of our customers and our integrated approach across the divisions in leveraging the assets and resources of the group under a unified management structure with a common corporate identity. We are consistently striving to innovate our physical product, technology, accessibility and brand to remain relevant to our customers. Our intellectual capital is largely driven by our people, processes and systems, market intelligence and specialist business partners.     Product relevance to customer experience
      People are at the core of delivering the Tsogo Sun experience, both front and back of house. A pool of qualified, trained and talented people is required to deliver these experiences, supported by empowered management and relevant support services. Employee development and engagement remain focus areas to ensure we attract and retain the highest calibre of people to drive our strategy.     Human resources
      Our utilisation of natural capital is predominantly driven by our requirement for optimally located properties upon which we have instituted property-specific environmental management systems focused mainly on energy, water, waste management and responsible procurement.     Deliver to our beneficiaries