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Integrated Annual Report 2016
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About this report

Our business overview
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Group overview
Tsogo Sun through the years
Strategy and performance highlights
Strategic priorities and growth drivers
Business model
Tsogo Sun Gaming
Tsogo Sun Hotels
The environment within which we operate
Our capitals
Our materiality, material risks and opportunities
Material risks and opportunities
Key relationships

Our performance and outlook
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Chairman and Chief Executive Officer's review
Chief Financial Officer's review

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Our strategy in action
Deliver to our beneficiaries
Financial strength and durability
Product relevance to customer experience
Regulatory compliance
Human resources
Growth strategy in action
Organic growth
Inorganic growth

Governance and remuneration
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Corporate governance
Remuneration report

Summarised consolidated financial statements
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Summarised consolidated income statement
Summarised consolidated statement of comprehensive income
Supplementary information
Summarised consolidated cash flow statement
Summarised consolidated balance sheet
Summarised consolidated statement of changes in equity
Segmental analysis

Shareholder information
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Analysis of shareholdings
Corporate information
Shareholders' diary
Notice of Annual General Meeting
Form of proxy
Five-year annual review

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