Our strategy

How we create long-term sustainable value
The key pillars of our sustainability include meeting the reasonable requirements of our stakeholders, financial strength and durability, maintaining product relevance to customer experience, regulatory compliance and adequate skilled human resources.

In summary, a business has to stay in business to be able to take advantage of the commercial opportunities that are presented to it. Good businesses fail when they are fragile, inflexible, unethical and/or poorly managed.

The value of a business is the present value of the future cash flows that can be generated by the assets and other capitals owned or controlled. Accordingly, the only true measure of growth for our business over time is the growth in cash flow.

The capitals that generate these cash flows include physical assets such as property, plant and equipment and employees as well as intangible capitals such as licences, brands, trademarks, technology and systems supported by adequate financial capital to pursue growth opportunities and underpinned by quality relationships with key stakeholders. Execution of a robust strategy informed by and responding to material risks and opportunities will lead to optimal utilisation of capitals and generation of cash flow and ultimately value.

Growth in cash flows over time are generated through the optimal operation of the group’s capitals or organic growth and building the tangible and intangible asset base of the group through developing and acquiring new businesses or inorganic growth.

While the use of cash flow as the primary measure of growth may appear mercenary, it is only with sustainable and growing cash flows that a business can hope to create value for the organisation, its stakeholders and society and thereby achieve a multitude of additional benefits such as increased levels of employment and meaningful social contributions.