Business model – Tsogo Sun casino gaming


          as at 31 March 2018       Group revenue
  Group revenue
Tsogo Sun operated Ownership
Tables Slots Hotel rooms
Montecasino 100        82 1 700 619        19   22   
Suncoast 100        57 1 622 165        12   14   
Gold Reef City 100        51 1 600 113        11   11   
Silverstar 100        30 900 34        5    
Golden Horse 100        22 450 96        3    
Emnotweni 100        19 425 224        3    
The Ridge 100        19 436 175        3    
Hemingways 65        16 507 108        2    
Garden Route 100        13 412 43        2    
Mykonos 100        6 320 –        1    
The Caledon 100        8 318 95        1    
Blackrock 100        10 300 80        1    
Goldfields 100        9 250 –        1    
Other gaming operations 100                    1   (4)  
Total 2018         342 9 240 1 752        65   65   
Total 2017         359 9 857 1 752        69   70   
Ebitdar is stated pre-management fees
Other gaming operations consist of the Sandton Convention Centre, head office costs and dividends from the GrandWest and Worcester casinos


The group's preference is to wholly own its operations thus creating a clearer, simpler operating structure. Empowerment shareholding is achieved at the holding company level, enabling the group empowerment shareholders to participate in all casino operations. The only exception is in the Eastern Cape where the gaming legislation requires local provincial-based empowerment ownership where the group has minority shareholders in Hemingways at 35%. In addition the group has a 20% equity interest in the GrandWest and Worcester casinos which are operated by Sun International. The Queens Casino licence expired in December 2017 and the group did not participate in the rebid and has disposed of its 25% associate investment.

The proposed split of the group into three listed businesses will not impact the ownership of the operations, although security of tenure over the properties is critical and is protected through the terms of the leases.

The gaming and entertainment complexes are primarily located in urban areas and are the entertainment hubs for the communities they serve. The businesses are thus embedded within the local communities and their success is inextricably linked to the economic wellbeing of that community.

Along with the creation of local jobs and the payment of taxes, the group seeks to stimulate local enterprise and support economic development, collaborate with provincial and national government and others on shared challenges – all essential to our ongoing ability to trade.

Significant focus is placed on the nature and quality of the facilities and experiences offered at each gaming and entertainment complex. With the vast majority of customers being locally based regular customers, an important component of our operating model is to ensure the properties remain fresh, attractive and interesting to visitors on an ongoing basis.

Management of mutually beneficial relationships with quality restaurant, retail and entertainment tenants is key to retaining footfall at our properties against other leisure offerings.

The customer rewards programme in the gaming division rewards customers with status, benefits and recognition. The rewards programme is important as 77% of gaming revenue is contributed by active reward club members.

Compliance with gaming regulations is critical to the retention of the casino licences and is discussed in the regulatory compliance section on page 59.